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Nobe 100 Car — Crash & Burn
Is nobe cars trouble or are they in trouble?

You have questions.

So do we, and they aren't getting answered.

We aren't the only ones.  The press, investors in Roman Muljar's past failed ventures, deposit holders on the 100 car and 500 pickup truck, investors in Nobe, people in government, are all looking for answers, and many are looking for their money back.

The Nobe 100 GT is a great-looking electric car, and we would love to see it become road worthy enough to succeed. We have no desire to make Nobe Cars fail, but if they're heading for failure, they'll get there plenty fast without our help. Having given up our money for lost, we want to provide information that will assure no one else loses their money in this venture.

Nobe Exposed In Investigative Newscast

Watch video
Make an informed Decision

Approach with caution.

Investigate before investing.

In the coming weeks we will publish all kinds of information on Nobe.  Please wait to make a stock investment or even a vehicle deposit until you have read and conducted your due diligence to make an informed decision. There is no hurry.  Nobe isn't going anywhere.  Possibly in more ways than one.

This ERR article and interview exposes a history of having nothing to show for it when people give Roman Muljar their money.

Nobe Cars Scam List 100 500 Estonia

VIDEO: Investigative Reporter
Exposes Nobe Cars

English speakers can now see the troubles that have been plaguing Nobe Cars since it's beginning, and a history of questionable business practices that have been following CEO Roman Muljar far longer than that. An explosive investigative report from Pealtnägija [Eyewitness News] on Estonia's ERR television network. If CNN and PBS News Hour got together and gave birth to "Estonian 60 Minutes" that would be Pealtnägija, the most reputable news program in Estonia, on the largest and most credible network.

Professional translation into English on screen.  Can also be translated into any language by activating closed captions on YouTube and choosing your language under the gear icon.

Nobe Cars 100 a scam?
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Worried about Nobe Cars?

We are too!  We worry even more that you will lose your investment or deposit.
Nobe GT 100

Investigative Reporting from ERR News

The news on Nobe you haven't heard

Is Nobe all that it would have us believe?  The reporting in the States and UK hasn't even scratched the surface.  Most of them haven't even seen the car, much less driven it.  Have a look at this English translation summarizing a report from ERR, a mix of CNN and PBS they are the most credible source of investigative reporting in Estonia.  A follow-up report from Accelerista shows many Estonians have Nobe's number.

Original articles in Estonian from ERR and from Accelerista.

Nobe Cars 100GT Fake Drift Video

All for show

Is Nobe faking progress and performance?

Watch this four-year-old's toy outperform the Nobe 100GT.  Nobe posted a video they tried to pass off as drifting on LinkedIn.  But there is no drifting here, just a slow-moving car dragging a seized rear tire around on a polished, high-gloss, interior floor.

We've all looked at modern art and said "My four year old can do better than that" but we've never looked at a sports car and said the same thing until now.

Watch video to see how drifting is really done.

Coming Soon

Coming soon:

Suspicious activity at the Nobe factory

It has to be seen to be believed.  We'll present the evidence and you can decide for yourself.

Investors have reason to fear

Read about how one investor fears more than just financial losses.

Is it safe?

How to evaluate your EV investment

If it sounds to good to be true, it often is.
Nobe GT 100 is the next Dale or Elio

Dale Motorcars ripped off investors and stole pre-order deposits

A scam that sounds too much like Roman Muljar and Nobe Cars

Nobe has the nickname "Euro Elio", but Nobe brings to mind a bigger three-wheeled disaster that promised big and delivered nothing: The Dale.  An interesting and innovative design taken over by a CEO who knew nothing about making cars.  She was also known for parading around non- or barely-functioning shells to separate suckers from their money, while skipping the actual work that would result in a road-worthy car or a viable company.

Video starts on 1970's oil crisis and founder's history or skip to the Dale's similarities with Nobe Cars.  See more of the same on the the scam run by Nikola Motors.

Nobe's coming failure

Another failure in the making?

Undersized and light already failed in the USA.

Dailmer/Mercedes Benz is an $85 billion company that failed to find a market in the USA with an undersized car that also marketed itself on "lightness is the future."  How can we believe Nobe when it burned through $3 million of other people's money to develop what hobbyists build in their garage for $50,000? Nobe's "acting CEO", who has no relevant experience, seems to think they can skip the next four prototype stages and go right to selling 100,000 cars per year, but compare that to the difficulties of a seasoned automotive manufacturer with a similar product.

Watch video

pre-orders numbers ficticious

Is there even a chance?

VIDEO: Why even capable companies fail hard

Tech vlogger Marques Rownlee (bio, Forbes Magazine) lists the 5 steps every startup EV company must go through and explains why even those that haven't displayed serial ineptitude never cross the massive gap between Steps 4 and 5.  In "The Electric Car Pre-Order Problem" he questions making an interest-free loan with your deposit, listing many companies that raised $1 billion and still disappeared.  Read more...

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